The pair of us have had a quiet weekend here at Bigland Towers, albeit it’s been a constructive and sociable one! Most of our time’s been spent pottering around catching up on various chores but we did have a very pleasant few hours with friends in our reopened local pub – the Big 6 Inn. It was chance to catch up with some folks we’ve not seen for ages, but also meet some close friends to swap a few stories and banter. The laughs certainly flew, as did the beers! I was certainly feeling mellow by the time we left.

Today’s been more solitary as Dawn’s been cooking up a storm in the kitchen whilst I’ve been pottering around sorting out odds and sods. One of today’s little tasks what to get our bird feeders cleaned, filled and ready for the winter. I have one outside the bedroom window and two outside my office window. All get plenty of traffic but the seed filled tray outside my office has more traffic than Heathrow! There’s a constant stream of Tits visiting it, as soon as one disappears another arrives. Their favorite seeds are juicy Sunflower seeds so I’ve stocked up with another big bag for the winter and also cleaned and replenished the peanut cage although that doesn’t seem to spark the same interest. I keep meaning to set up the camera to get some pictures of my visitors, but never seem to find the time. Maybe this winter…

Whilst all this was going on the smells wafting upstairs from the kitchen were superb. Dee’s been batch-cooking and producing Lasange in industrial quantities. As well as a large gluten-free one for her parents she’s made two for us that will be portioned out and go in the freezer. Oh, there were a pair of Bakewell Tarts made too – both Gluten free. As if that wasn’t enough Dee also made a Birthday cake for Susan, our neighbour who keeps us supplied with the most gorgeous home-baked bread!

So, the picture of the day is going to be dedicated to Dawn’s cooking. I have to admit, I was never someone with a sweet tooth – I’ve always preferred savoury, but as I’ve got older I have developed a real liking for home-made Bakewell tart and Dee does ’em brilliantly!

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