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After the long, complicated blogs I’ve been posting about railways and stuff the past couple of days I can promise you something a little more light-hearted and unusual – and it’s going to be short too!

I’ve been working from home, trying to juggle various tasks and managing to keep most of the balls in the air, most of the time – ish… The old Mars Bar slogan of ‘work rest and play’ springs to mind. Well, apart from the fact I never liked Mars Bars as they were far too gooey and sickly for my liking. Give me a Twix any day – even if they never had catchy adverts. But I digress..

Today’s blog will be short because I’ve got to be up at sparrowfart to do a job in Wakefield. It’s not that it’s far away, merely that the place I’m going to isn’t central and I have plans for the rest of the day afterwards, so expect a rolling blog to commence at some point tomorrow once the caffeine kicks in and if the rain holds off who knows what I’ll get up to. Until then, here’s the picture of the day, which has nothing to do with any of my usual photographic subjects.

Today, our cat hit the amazing age of 20. Anyone who’s followed my blog for a while will know of the ups and downs we’ve had with the old boy over the past year, but Jet always bounces back! So, happy 20th birthday Jet! Long may you be with us…

I’ve a favour to ask…
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