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The stunning winter weather we enjoyed yesterday lasted until sunset, then the temperatures dropped overnight so this morning we awoke to gloomy skies and a miasma that stayed with is all day, along with occasional snow flurries that thickened through the day, leaving us with a dusting of snow. More’s expected tomorrow.

Indoors my world was far less monochrome as I was busy scanning old slides and researching articles. The slide scanning’s progressing well. I’ve polished off another album, my final one of foreign rail images, dating back to 2003. This morning I added old Irish rail pictures to this gallery. Tomorrow I’ll add the last ones which were taken in Singapore and France. There’s still a few scratched images to restore (slowly) and there might be the odd image lurking in an album here and there, but to all intents and purposes that the rail stuff finally done! That just leaves me with the travel and social issues images to get through and I’ve made a start on them today.

Next in line are the travel pictures from the round the world trip that Lynn and I did in 1997-99. I’d got as far as Australia but there was an album out of sync that I’ve dug out of storage to prioritise – so we’ve leapt back in time and space a few months to return to the Indonesian Islands of Flores, Bali and Java! So, here’s the picture of the day. I took this shot in mid September 1998 atop Kelimutu, a volcano on the Island of Flores. Kelimutu is famous for three volcanic lakes which regularly change colour. When I was there in 1998, one was black, the other Turquoise. In this image you can just see the Turquoise lake behind this one. It’s a stunning and unique place to visit and worth getting up early to ascend the volcano to see the sunrise.

Tomorrow (once I’ve had chance to edit the scans) I’ll add them to this gallery which will contain all the pictures from our trip. Well, eventually…

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