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Funny old world, isn’t it, eh? You just think things are settling down and all of a sudden it all goes topsy-turvey again – for no adequately explained reason – and certainly not one that you have any control over.

The changeable weather meant that plans for a day out were cancelled. Instead we’ve both been busy at home sorting out this, that – and the other. I’ve managed to have more of a declutter, so lots more railway ephemera and old pictures will appear on eBay this weekend. Right now I’ve added lots more old slides, including one that relates to the last picture of the day – just from a different angle and 20 years earlier!


So, here’s today’s picture, which was taken in Bangkok, Thailand on the 30th November 2013. This a a huge reclining Buddha at Wat Po. Now, normally, the Thai’s see exposing the soles of your feet to people as disrespectful – unless you’re the Buddha, obviously!

Joking aside, the statue is stunning and Wat Po’s well worth a visit. I love Asian temples as they’re very much community hubs in a way English churches can only aspire to. Religion’s so much more part of people’s everyday lives (for better or worse). It can still lead to sectarian conflicts but it adds a glue that perhaps we’ve lost in the West.

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