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Today’s been the classic mixed bag where I’m trying to juggle lots of things whilst modern (Covid) life intrudes to add a completely different experience.

Most of my day’s been spent working from home, trying to ignore the fact the sunny weather’s returned – even if it’s now accompanied by the temperature drops that herald the onset of autumn. I did venture out for a break from staring at computer screens but this week my exercise regime’s going to be marked like an old school report – “5/10 – see me”…

Today’s surreal experience was attending a ‘virtual’ National Rail Awards. Full credit to my friend of longstanding Nigel Harris and his team at RAIL for putting it together when most events have been cancelled completely this year. It can’t have been an easy gig to arrange. But, it also shows why the idea that everyone can work from home is utter bollocks. Does anyone seriously think an online event can replace such a prestigious event at the Grosvenor Park Hotel in central London where 1100 plus people meet to celebrate the achievements of the rail industry whilst meeting up with old friends and enjoying the opportunity to network and chat? Of course not. Both Dawn and I enjoyed the awards (and there were some great awards), but we’re looking forward to 2021 when we can recreate it in the flesh.

Meanwhile, here’s the picture of the day, which I took in Washington DC on the 4th April 2007. It was cherry blossom season when the centre of the city’s ablaze. It makes a fantastic sight.

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