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So much for the August bank holiday! It’s been the most subdued of all of them this year. Not that we’ve exactly been painting the town red – but we have ventured out and walked up to one of our favorite pubs/eateries a couple of times this weekend – the fabulous Moorcock Inn. The restaurant area’s been rejigged to allow for social distancing and the menu has been adapted too, but it’s so good to see them back.

The restaurant area.
Walking up to the Moorcock and looking down on Sowerby Bridge.

To be honest, the weather’s been pretty disappointing over the holiday. The temperature’s dropped so much we actually had the heating on one morning, just to take the chill off the place – how bizarre for what’s supposedly the height of summer!

Although it’s the holiday season the pair of us have spent most of our time working rather than relaxing. There’s so much to do and there never seems to be enough hours in the day. I’m preparing for my round Britain train trip for RAIL magazine which I’ll be starting on the 7th September. There’s a lot of preparation involved this year due to Covid, so it’s taking up a lot of time. I’ve also been trying to get work done to the cottage, which has meant I’ve spent most of the day up on the roof doing a few repairs whilst the weather stays fine. I’ve really enjoyed it as it makes a change from staring at computer screens and the the old skills have come back to me. Oh, the simple life! The weird thing? I’ve spent seveal hours flossing the roof by digging out soil between the stone slabs (this is Yorkshire, we didn’t use skate). Soil, On a roof? Where the hell does that come from? You could grow potatoes between some of the slabs! I only had the roof relaid 10 years ago – so what’s that all about?

Talking of simple lives brings me onto today’s picture of the day, which is also simple, but colourful. I took it in Old Havana, Cuba on the 15th January 2006.

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