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I had sooo many things I was hoping to get through today, but there never seems to be enough hours in the day – even when the weather is crap and keeps you constrained. On the plus side, I’ve managed to wade my way through lots of paperwork, scan dozens more old slides and get other pictures up for sale on eBay (here’s a sample).

What I had hoped to do is get around to a lot more blogging as there’s some really exciting stuff happening with the High Speed 2 rail project. Maybe tomorrow…

Meanwhile, here’s the picture of the day. One thing I’m really looking forward to now I’ve nearly finished scanning my old railway pictures is moving on to the 1000s of travel slides I have. I wonder how much some of the places I visited in those days have changed?

Today’s picture is of the sunset over the harbour at Labuanbajo on the island of Flores, Indonesia, which was taken in July 1992.

I’d arrived here by island hopping from Bali on a mixture of local buses and ferries. Looking back, it was an epic journey and one I recreated 6 years later – only then I wasn’t flying solo…The boats that you can see are local outrigger fishing boats, and yes, the sunsets in that part of the world at that time were superb!

If you want to browse (or even buy) more pictures from Indonesia follow this link.

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