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Sorry for the absence of this feature these past couple of days but it’s been a busy time that’s left me with little opportunity to blog until today. The weather here in the Pennines has been pretty awful with a lot of heavy rain so I’ve been stuck inside trying to catch up on paperwork, scanning old pictures and planning next month’s round Britain trip. The break has allowed me to add more than 120 plus old railway pictures from 2001-2002 to my Zenfolio website, and you can find which galleries they’ve been added to by following this link. They may only have been taken 18-19 years ago, but in modern railway terms that seems like dog years compared to human ones! I’m amazed how much has changed in that time.

OK, on to what we’re here for – the picture of the day. This one was taken in the Glodok district Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, on the 15th February 2017.

As someone who’s always been a light sleeper (unless I’ve had a drink) I’ve always been envious of some people’s ability to sleep almost anywhere! This chap had decided to have a siesta in this precarious position. I’ve come across this ability a lot in Asia and it always amazes me. I’ve seen kids curled up on busy pavements or station platforms in India who’re totally oblivious to what’s going on around them. This chap was outside a shop on a busy main road but still managed to get some shut-eye!

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