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Today didn’t quite turn out as I was expecting, for reasons I’ll be blogging about tomorrow. I seems my first public appearance post lockdown is going to be on Thursday, at the funeral of someone whom I shared a lot of of fun and laughter with back in the late 1970s – early 1980s. Not that it’s going to be a big event by all accounts…

I only found out this afternoon and it’s put me in a retrospective and pensive mood. It’s funny how stuff that happened 40 odd years ago can suddenly come flooding back isn’t it? I’ve spent a few hours searching for old photos which will appear soon.

But today’s picture of the day is about something entirely different. Today, Jet – our cat had his 19th birthday. To be honest it’s been a bit touch and go this year as he had pancreatitis and at one point we thought we’d lose the old boy. But, he’s pulled through and keeps going. OK, he’s like a bloody limpet nowadays and insists on sleeping on the bed, but he’s so loveable we really can’t kick him off.

So, happy birthday Jet. May you stay this side of the rainbow bridge for some time yet….