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Today’s been very much about pictures – and DIY. I’ve been busy at home catching up on chores and also trying to get a few more old slides scanned as the momentum’s been lost a bit recently. You can find the latest selection by following this link. All the shots are from 2001 as I’ve moved on to the final few albums which are all from this century.

That said, I’ve also added another selection of old slides and railway badges to my eBay account. Feeel free to take a look as there might just be something that tickles your fancy.


OK, here’s the picture of the day, which comes from the port of Rafina, Greece. It was taken at dawn on the 21st September 2002.

T14172. Side of a ferry at dawn. Rafina. Greece. 21.09.02crop

I love island-hopping by ferry and there’s few places like Greece to do it! This particular morning the sunrise was stunning and it illuminated the side of this ferry to perfection.

If you want to see more pictures from Greece, follow this link.


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