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Can we have all that fabulous sunshine back please? Yes, I know we desperately needed the rain and it’s done the gardens and woods a power of good, but it’s cold – and I miss sitting out in the garden!

The day dawned in gloomy fashion, with heavy grey clouds and mist obscuring the far side of the valley, which was a shame as Thursday is our big day out and one the pair of us rather look forward to as we get to do something different outside the confines of the Calder Valley. Admittedly, this week we’ve had a couple of bites of the cherry as we’ve been doing large shops for Dawn’s parents. Yesterday was the farm shop. Today was somewhere neither of us had been before – a fish wholesaler in Huddersfield. Before we left we managed to get a few chores done and have breakfast, only to find that Jet (our cat) had decided to usurp the bed and have a ‘duvet day’. As he’s an old boy now we don’t have the heart to kick him off. Problem is – the little bugger knows it now and often takes advantage!


Feeling ever so slightly naughty for using the car two days in a row we drove over to Huddersfield up over Ainley Top and under the M62. There’s a slight increase in traffic but there’s still no danger of getting caught in the long queues you’d normally find on a weekday morning as you climb to the roundabout that forms the junction with the motorway. The road into town was equally clear, as was the Leeds Road which took us from the town centre towards Deighton, where we found Sailbrand, which is where John and Norah normally stock up on fresh fish. It’s a little difficult to find as it’s tucked away off the main road on a rather unglamorous industrial estate but both Dawn and I were impressed by their range of fish and the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff. As well as fulfilling John and Norah’s order we stocked up on some gorgeous Hake fillets, Monkfish and some amazing Tuna steaks -and all at very good prices. We’ll certainly be using them again. Heading back into town our next port of call was Sainsburys where we split up. Dawn did her parents shopping whilst I picked up some necessities for us. Luckily the weather had picked up, so queuing in the car-park waiting to be allowed in wasn’t as bad as we feared it might have been. Even so, the cumulative effect of queuing at different places certainly eats up into your day. Having done the ‘big’ shop we called in at Dawn’s work offices at the station for a couple of minutes (just to check on the building) then headed up to John and Norah’s to drop off all the shopping. We didn’t stay long as chatting over the garden gate isn’t as much fun when the wind’s blowing a gale!

On the way home we stopped for a brief few minutes so that I could get a couple of pictures as the views across the Colne valley are rather photogenic and we’d timed it just right for a couple of Trans-Pennine rail services to pass.


A TPE Class 802 crosses the viaduct at Linthwaite, to the West of Huddersfield. I was relieved to see that these five-car trains can be framed rather neatly by the viaducts surrounds. As you can see by the trees – Spring’s arrived.


A picture taken from the same location, but this time looking West along the Colne valley with the town of Slaithwaite in the foreground and the moors high above. I’ve only just discovered this shot but I’m planning to be back soon…


OK, that’s all for tonight, I’ll add more (with many more pictures) in the morning…