The day of rest, not least for the Sunshine we’d been having these past few days that’s made this the best Easter bank-holiday for a while. This morning the weather was overcast and cooler but still pleasant for the time of year. The pair of us enjoyed a relaxed breakfast before planning the day ahead which was going to be another break from the usual routine. Dawn’s folks had run out of the Gluten free bread her dad relies on as he’s coeliac but we’d managed to pick some up on our last shop so we made a ‘mercy mission’ over to Huddersfield to deliver a few supplies. It felt really naughty using the car for the second time in a week, but when needs must…

We drove across to Huddersfield on roads even quieter than usual. Partly because as it was a bank holiday Sunday there really was nowhere for people to go to as all the supermarkets were shut and any of the few other businesses that will still be open were closed for the holiday. Instead, we passed lots of people out walking, either singly, as couples of family groups. All were obeying the social distancing rules. The police were out too but there seemed little for them to do – thankfully. All told, I have to say that I’ve been impressed at how stoically people have reacted to the massive social and economic disruption that the pandemic has caused. Yes, of course there’s a few idiots who ignore the guidelines, or do their best to push the boundary’s, but the fact so many people are co-operating gives me grounds for optimism. Plus, If I had my cynical hat on – I could say that the ones who are ignoring the rules are practicing a form of social Darwinism and won’t actually be missed by the majority of the population. Or the gene pool…

Having dropped off the shopping at John and Norah’s and stayed long enough for a distanced chat we drove back to Halifax, crossing the M62 on the way. I’ve never seen the motorway so quiet when it’s still open. For once, you could actually hear background noises rather then the constant roar of traffic. The air quality was far better too! DG341941crop If I’m honest, this is how I’d like to see motorways all of the time as we move into a low-carbon future.

Back at chez Bigland we relaxed for a while and took our ease in the garden as the weather was better in the Calder than it was in the Colne valley. I’ve lived here for a decade now but I’m still intrigued by how the weather can be so different in two valleys which are only a few miles apart as the crow flies.

Back home we nipped out for our daily walk and completed our usual circuit which certainly gets the blood pumping and exercises the muscles but it is getting a bit predictable. We’re both looking forward to the post lockdown days when we can walk to an actual destination once more – like a pub with beer – and food!

Once we’d completed the circuit we plonked ourselves in the garden for a quick drink to enjoy the evening sunshine and fresh air before having to retreat indoors. Our garden’s really springing to life now. The monstrous variegated Hosta that I split a few weeks ago has survived its operation. It’s now bust throwing up shoots in both the front garden and the back flowerbed. The Acer I planted is also emerging from its winter slumbers. If there’s one consolation of lockdown it’s having more time to spend enjoying the garden. I’m just thankful that we have that simple pleasure.

Our night in lockdown was spent with me managing to do a bit of work setting up more old slides for scanning whilst Dawn was busy in the kitchen preparing a lovely meal for us to savour. As it’s Easter we had lamb done in a slow cooker with a Tagine sauce I’d made that we’d had stashed in the freezer. Dee than added her home-made Yorkshire puddings and plenty of freshly steamed veg which we consumed whilst watching ‘Spectre’ – the James Bond film. As evenings in front of the TV go – you really can’t complain!