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Today the High Court released the full details and legal argument of their judgement on Chris Packham’s appeal for an interim injunction to stop tree felling on the route of HS2, and also his application for a Judicial Review. Both were rejected last week, but today the judges (Lord Justice Coulson and Mr Justice Holgate) published their judgement which you can find here.

It’s brutal. If I were Packham’s solicitors I’d be reaching for either the brandy or the smelling salts because they do not come out of this well. One only has to wonder about the quality of advice they gave to Packham as the judges make no bones about what they think, or found. I’d also suggest the man himself should have a long hard think and consider if the money donated to his Crowdfunder to bring this (obviously) futile action which clearly had no chance of success (as the judgement explains) was well spent, or how the poor people who were mugged for more than £100,000 might feel about their money being trousered by lawyers when the case had no chance of success? Here’s some snippets. First up, the Judges opinion of Packham’s Solicitors…

packham solictiros

“Overlong and repetitive with an unfortunately imperious tone”? Ouch!

It gets worse…

packham 2

If his solicitors (Leigh-Day) cheeks weren’t burning after that last slap, they should be after this one!

As you’d expect from High Court judges, the judgement goes into great detail, with references to case law and legal opinion. It gives not a single crumb of comfort to Packham or his legal team. I said in previous blogs that Packham’s obsession with the Oakervee was barking up the wrong tree (if you’ll pardon the pun) and the High Court make that clear. Oh, the final sentence of the 30 page judgement is a zinger, not just for Packham, but also for the eco-fascists who’re breaking the covid-19 Lockdown to tie up Police, Court Bailiffs and security guards on the HS2 construction sites.

packham 3

The reaction to all this on social media has been muted so far, mainly because the judgement won’t reach many people. Twitter however, is different. Here’s on reaction, which sums things up rather well, including Packham’s predicament…


So, if you support HS2 or not. Next time Packham and his legal time ask you for money. Don’t throw it away, again. Those opposed to HS2 have wasted millions of pounds on futile legal actions over the years, much of that money’s been raised from poor sods who’ve been persuaded to part with it via Crowdfunders and appeals. It’s wasted more millions of public funds in defending these actions. And all for what? Nothing. Hs2 is being built. Now…