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Although, judging by the weather maps, it’s grim over much of the country at the moment!

This morning we woke to the sound of yet more high winds hitting the house, followed by more rain pouring from slate-grey skies. At one point, as Dawn and I drove into Huddersfield there was a sublime monent when the sun broke through and picked out pockets of town and country which contrasted beautifully with the ominous skies. Typically, I was in no position to stop and capture it with the camera!After helping Dawn to pack up her desk (long story – ACoRP has the decorators in) I trudged through the rain into the town to do some banking and chores. For the first time since I don’t know when I had to pay a cheque in to a bank. Apparently, my bank is introducing a phone ‘app’ that’ll let you do this online, which will save a fair bit of a faff. Paying in cheques is probably the only reason I visit a local branch nowadays, other then perhaps to use a drinks voucher dispenser (aka an ATM). Gone are the days of queuing to pay bills or pay in a sheaf of cheques. It’s the same with Post Offices and posting off DVDs or memory sticks full of pictures to clients. The ‘post and stationary’ column in my annual accounts used to come to a not inconsiderable sum. Nowadays it’s tiny. I can’t even remember the last time I had to post an invoice. It’s not difficult to see why so many local banks and post offices have disappeared. The rise of the internet and ‘smart’ devices has changed the world forever.

Whilst Dawn went off to spend the afternoon her family I made my (roundabout) way back to the Calder Valley and home as I needed to catch up on some work. We’re all meeting up later as it’s Dawn’s mum Norah’s 79th birthday and we’re taking her and John to the Engine in Sowerby Bridge. At least the fine fayre and good company will make up for the atrocious weather which stayed grim until I finally shut the front door on a turbulent day. Typically, the sun then decided to put in an appearance – just to taunt me!

Our visit to the Engine was as enjoyable as ever. As there were six of us we tried some different dishes as well as the staples like this one, their delicious cauliflower.

Having enjoyed a great meal and good company we went our separate ways. There’s no going out and painting the town red for us as we’re up early to head off to Wales. Instead it’s the ‘rock and roll’ lifestyle of emptying the washer and matching up socks ready for another adventure! Admittedly, after checking the weather forecast for the next few days I’m not sure that it’s socks I should be concerned about. A snorkel and flippers might be far more useful…