Today was meant to be a fun day but it’s fallen hostage to several things. Originally, a group of us were meant to be having a very pleasant evening catching-up on a steamship on the Weaver Navigation near the Anderton Lift in Cheshire. Sadly, the weather put paid to that as the torrential rain that’s caused havoc on the transport network and threatened to burst the Toddbrook reservoir dam and devastate the village of Whaley Bridge has also flooded the Weaver Navigation, so the boat trip was off. Instead, a few of us rail folk were going to meet up in Manchester and Tamworth before staying in Warrington overnight as we’ve not had a proper catch-up for months.

However, for me, the dreaded Lurgy had other plans.

This morning I woke up with a temperature accompanied by general aches pains and lassitude that informed me I’d come down with a virus. I doubt it’s much more serious than a cold, but the last thing I wanted to do today was spread the bloody thing to friends. Instead, I’ve had a (rare) day in bed catching up on sleep and some work. This included loading some of the pictures taken over the last couple of days to my Zenfolio website. You can find them here. There was one positive bit of news that buoyed my spirits this morning. The Tories lost the Brecon and Radnor by-election, which has cut Johnson’s Parliamentary majority to one! Well done to all the remain parties for working together! I see the Labour vote collapsed by 12.5%. One would hope the comrades would now wake up and smell the coffee as they’re heading the same way as the Tories. However, I doubt it as ‘Magic Grandad’ is useless and the Corbynistas spend most of their time forming their wagons into a circle around him to hurl insults at anyone who challenges their suicidal tactics of supporting both him and Brexit. It seems beyond their wit to realise that it’s actually floating voters you need to win a general election and spending all your time abusing them because of their lack of ideological purity is a spectacularly dumb idea.

I’ve got a very busy schedule next week as I’m finishing the ACoRP awards judging, then heading off to Ireland for a week to attend a friends wedding as their photographer. Dawn and I are taking the car over via the Holyhead ferry in order to explore Ireland for a few days before and after the main event. Both of us are really looking forward to it as (for me at least) it’ll be chance to catch up with friends and a chance for the pair of us to explore the beauty of the Irish Republic. Thanks to the antics of Boris Johnson and his inept Cabinet it’s going to be an expensive time now that they’ve tanked the pound and it’s perilously close to parity with the Euro. I also feel sorry for the residents of Whaley Bridge too. Not only have they been evacuated from their homes as the nearby dam is a natural disaster waiting to happen, they’ve had to put up with an unnatural one as our disaster of a Prime Minister has graced them with his presence today. Haven’t they suffered enough?

Whilst I’ve manfully struggled on with Lemsips and Kleenex, Dawn’s been shopping in Leeds for a dress to wear for next weeks wedding. At least she’s not had to suffer me sneezing all over her! Tomorrow, if the aches and fever subside, we have a barbecue to attend which is being hosted by our friend Tony of Phoenix Brewery fame. You can tell I’m not feeling 100% as I even turned down going to the Big 6 fun quiz tonight. Instead I’ve settled for a quiet night in with a bottle of beer, some crispy duck and Dawn and I curled up together watching films. That said, after all the travelling I’ve been doing and the nights away, what’s not to like?