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Apologies for the lack of blogging these past few days. After all the travelling I’ve been doing, this weekend’s been one for spending time at home and catching up with a shedload of stuff – some work, some pleasure.

As you can imagine, there’s been a huge amount of pictures to edit from the ‘3 peaks by rail challenge’. I finished those yesterday, so tomorrow many people’s inboxes are going to be alive with pictures. I’ve added a selection to my Zenfolio website which you can find here. I’ve also been busy sorting out the pictures from Pembrokshire. You can find the travel ones here and the rail ones here. Oh, I also managed to add a few more old rail slides today. I’ve had them set up ready for scanning but ran out of time. Now I need the desk space. Here’s a sample. The pictures were all taken in the Manchester area back in April 2000. My, how things have changed! People may complain about ‘Pacers’ nowadays but back then many services were operated by life-expired DMU’s like these.

7655. L835 51432 + 51498. 14.02. New Mills - Manchester Piccadilly. New Mills Central.14.4.2000crop

Unfortunately, the good weather we brought back with us from Wales was fleeting, to say the best. I spent several hours tidying up our garden which had run riot over the past week due to all the rain. This was done in muggy weather that never actually graced us with sunshine despite all the teasing. Afterwards, Dawn and I walked down along the canal into Sowerby Bridge to stretch our legs and enjoy a drink. We called into the Hogshead brewhouse.The pub’s started to serve all it’s own brewed beers in a 6 half pint paddle, which is a great idea. Here’s a look at what you can get.

This being ‘flaming June’ we got soaked walking back home as t’heavens decided to dump upon us! Because of the inclement weather we’ve had a quiet night at home in front of the TV. That’s a rare event as I watch so little of it, but we both enjoy ‘Killing Eve’. It’s one of those rare programmes that has everything – great actors, an excellent script and wonderful camera work.

Tomorrow I’m back to the grindstone, but (as usual) there’ll be a variety of work, so expect a few different blogs as I’ve got a backlog of stuff to write about.