It’s been one of those days! Todays been a catch-up, with crappy weather thrown in. Right now I’m in transition from sorting out all the work I’ve done over the past week to getting ready to a very different few days. Most of the day’s been spent editing pictures or sorting out my kit for the forthcoming ‘3 Peaks by Rail’ and holiday in Pembrokshire immediately afterwards. Plus, I’ve got to get the cottage ready for our house-sitters, Can someone please invent a 48 hour day?

Whilst all this has been going on I’ve been trying to keep one eye on the Tory party election circus which descended into dreamworld at an early stage and it’s never going to recover. The fact the Conservatives are reduced to having to choose between such a shower of shite says a lot about the nature of UK politics right now. Not that Labour has anything to crow about. What this country’s desperately looking for is a credible Government in waiting. That’s not ‘Magic Grandad’ and his crew. We’re caught between a rock and a hard place.

But back to the Tories.

The remaining 10 candidates have spent the past 24 hours laying out their stalls. Problem is, they’re bare of anything other than unicorns. The overwhelming majority of them are intellectually bereft snake-oil salesmen, but the fight between them is getting vicious. This isn’t people with a vision for the country, this is all about personal aggrandisement and to hell with everyone else. There’s only one person whom I’d class as anything different from the pack and that’s Rory Stewart, but even he remains wedded to the fiction that he can deliver a positive Brexit.

Meanwhile, the rest of them are still selling unicorns. Leadsom’s made the same tactical error as May did and is talking about ‘Red Lines’. Gove pretends he can renegotiate Teresa May’s agreement, despite the EU making it crystal clear that a change of Tory leaders changes nothing, so what bit of ‘no’ don’t you understand? They’ve pointed out that a change of personnel changes nothing

Then we have Boris Johnson, who is allegedly the Tory party ‘favourite’. Yep, the Tories are so screwed they’re considering electing a man who was twice sacked for lying as their leader and the next Prime Minister. This is how deeply fucked-up UK politics is right now. The man has now claimed that he’ll take ‘personal responsibility’ for Brexit job losses. The interview is a classic of intellectual vacuity. I’m sure that it will be great comfort to all those who’ll lose their jobs that Johnson’s taken ‘responsibility’. Just don’t try knocking on his door asking for your dole money…