After a series of shit election results which have culminated in the severe arse-spanking Labour have been given in the EU elections held last week it’s clear that the cult of Corbyn and all those who sail in her have learned nothing.

In the run up to the election anyone who was following social media or talking to disaffected Labour members could see that the Corbynista’s fence sitting over Brexit was going to seriously hurt the party. Everyone was tired of the party trying to face both ways whilst maintaining the complete fantasy of it’s ‘jobs first Brexit’ position. A unicorn’s a unicorn. It doesn’t exist. It doesn’t matter what colour you paint it or flag you wrap it in.

Labour members, voters and party stalwarts were reaching the end of their tether as it was becoming painfully obvious that ‘Magic Grandad’ Corbyn and his crew were not going to be honest with the electorate over Brexit. So, they were punished at the polls, even by Labour party members, who were sick of being ignored.

One of those was Alistair Campbell, Tony Blair’s former Press Secretary, who admitted (after the polls had closed) that for the first time he’d voted for a party other than Labour.

Retribution was swift and today he received an email telling him he’d been expelled from the party. Talk about a classic own goal!

The outrage on social media was a joy to behold as many people pointed out the utter hypocrisy of this from a party that’s dragged its feet over expelling known anti-Semites, abusers of women and MP’s who’ve joined with the hard-line Brexiters to campaign against Labour values. Yes, you Kate Hoey! Oh, and there’s the small matter of this – a tweet from Corbyn found by David Ross. This was ‘Magic Grandad’ congratulating a man who had stood against and beaten an official Labour party candidate. Galloway had even been expelled from the Labour party.

ross tweet

Corbyn is the ultimate hypocrite. A man who demands loyalty yet rebelled so many times against his own party to vote with the opposition. Of course, ordinary voters can see this. Corbynista’s remain blind, which is why the party’s no longer fit for purpose. Expect to see a lot more former members of the Labour party. It’s an absolutely tragedy to see a political party that was set up to represent the best interests of the poor and disenfranchised turn into a narrow ideological cult that cares more for dogma than the people who will suffer if it enables Brexit.