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After spending much of the week travelling the country I’m having a weekend at home in the Calder Valley. We’ve had a pretty relaxing Saturday morning, although I have done some work and set up the next batch of old slides from 1995 ready for scanning. It’s a boring process. Each pictures has to be broken out of its original plastic frame and remounted in a new Gepe glass covered mount ready to be scanned. The glass mounts ensure that the film is perfectly flat so there’s no danger of parts of it being bowed and out of focus after it’s been through my Nikon Coolscan. The Gepe mounts have to be kept dust free, which adds to the length of time the process takes. Here they are on the lightbox, all ready for scanning. The sharp-eyed might spot that the last few are of the old Dover train ferry used before the channel tunnel opened.

Right now we’re off for a walk across the valley and up to Norland Moor, no doubt we’ll pop into the Moorcock Inn whilst we’re there as it’s a chilly day here and their log fire will be a welcome sight, so expect this blog to be added to whilst we’re out. See you later!


Not bad weather for a stroll. That’s the Calder Valley looking towards Halifax behind us.