After spending most of the week scanning old pictures from the 1990s to add to my Zenfolio website I’ve managed to escape for a day out in the present world!I got a lift into Huddersfield with Dawn this morning as my first mission was a haircut. I’ve acquired the Yorkshire habit of canniness with money and found a barber that only charges £3 for a haircut. Admittedly, I’ve not as much to cut nowadays and a No 1 isn’t exactly a hard style to execute, but even so…On the way I cut through the old graveyard surrounding one of the churches. Gravestones from the 18th & 19th centuries are now used as flagstones, which struck me as rather sad as the stories and names of those buried there are slowly being erased by the passage of feet as well as time.

Huddersfield town centre’s not in a healthy state nowadays. More and more shops are closing down with little sign of new tenants to take them on. How Brexit is meant to reverse this trend is a mystery that even it’s believers can’t explain. I’m now en-route to Manchester to recce a rail route I’ve not taken many pictures on for years, the WCML from Stockport to Crewe via Sandbach. Hopefully, the weather will play ball…11:35The old omilitary therum that no plan of attack survives first contact with the enemy held true today. As soon as I got to Manchester the weather turned and the clouds rolled in! Luckily, I had a plan B, so I’m now en-route to Liverpool to get shots of folk heading for a day at the races by rail. Like this pair!

I only hope the weather picks up for them otherwise there’s going to be some cases of hypothermia reported today!


Well, that was an interesting interlude as I’ve never shot the Aintree crowd before, only the Ascot and York! The trick is to get them on their way there, before they get trashed. The scenes aren’t as pretty on the way back. Merseyrail were running six-car trains every seven minutes on the Ormskirk line, and they had lots of staff on hand to shepherd travellers, so it was a well organised event.

On my way back into town I stopped to have a look at the new depot that’s taking shape at Kirkdale in readiness for Merseyrail’s replacement train fleet which is being built by Stadler.

Now I’m back in the city centre, ready to begin my journey back to Yorkshire (bit by bit).


I’m now on a late running Trans-Pennine Express service back to Manchester which is (surprise, surprise) full and standing.


It’s Friday, the weather’s hardly condusive to scenic photography or interesting cityscapes, so I’m calling it a day and heading home in time to meet up with friends in my local pub for the groups quiz night. This time I’m on a packed Northern Rail service from Manchester Victoria to Leeds which is worked by my least favourite type of train, a Class 150 – even a refurbished one…


Having walked the 1.2 miles (All uphill) to the ‘Big 6’, I’m in need of this…