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The pair of us had a slow start to the day after a very convivial night with friends in Mytholmroyd last night. We’d popped round for a meal, a chat and a few drinks, but it was such a laughter-filled evening that it flew by. Next thing we knew 18:00 had turned onto 01:30! By the time we got home it was after 02:00 when we crawled into bed, so a lie-in this morning didn’t seem unreasonable. When we woke up it was to the sound of gales and sleet battering the cottage and that’s not changed all day. Winter’s returned with a vengeance! At one point it looked like we were in for some serious snow. Massive flakes the size of saucers were falling and we ended up with a fair dusting of snow atop the valley above Sowerby, but then the rain came in – as well as the sleet, and it soon vanished. To say that the weather’s remained ‘changeable’ would be an understatement. Discretion being the better part of valour we decided to can any idea of walking in the biting wind so restricted ourselves to nipping out to buy some DIY essentials, stock up on more condiments from our local Indian supermarket and nip into the Big 6 for a ‘swifty’. Well, for me anyway – Dawn’s been back on the wagon this week as part of her training for the Huddersfield half-marathon!

We’re now back at home, ploughing on with different things. I’m continuing to scan old slides whilst Dawn’s being industrious in the kitchen, making a vegetarian cottage pie but using Butternut Squash for the topping rather than potato.

Tomorrow the pair of us are off to Sheffield for a couple of days at an ACoRP conference, so expect different blogs about that. In the meantime, I hope you’re all staying warm and dry away from this turbulent weather.