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Our time in New Zealand’s finally come to an end – just as the heatwave arrives! We’ve spent the morning at Lisa’s packing our suitcases and working out what we can leave to create room for some of the things we’ve bought. Later we’re all going into the city for a farewell lunch at the Crab Shack before heading out to the airport. Neither of us are ready to go home – especially as we’ll be returning to a country that’s increasingly looking like it’s lost it’s marbles thanks to the utter shambles they call Brexit…

I’ll post some pictures throughout the day.


All packed up and ready to go…


It’s Crab Shack time!


We’re now at Auckland airport waiting for our Air New Zealand flight to Houston, Texas on the first leg of our trip home. Lisa was brilliant and gave us a lift after the meal, although it was an emotional parting as we don’t want to leave and I’ve not seen her for donkeys years!We’ve had a fabulous time here and I’ll sum up our experiences in another blog. Right now we’re drinking overpriced alcohol in the departure lounge, drowning our sorrows before catching our plane…

We’re on the plane now and trying out our “if we smile they’ll serve us wine” look…

See you on the other side of the pond!

15:55 (US time).

We’ve landed at Houston, Texas and gone through the faff of having to collect your luggage even though it’s checked in all the way through to London. When the carousel breaks down whilst you’re waiting it only adds to the stress levels! Now we’re on our connecting United Airlines flight 880 to Heathrow on another Boeing 777. Thing is – I thought it was always sunny in Texas?