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Today’s a good day to be sitting at home with the central heating on, pottering around doing various chores and keeping one eye on the weather. The temperatures hovering around zero, although the wind makes it colder. We’ve snow forecast and the baleful sky looks like it could deliver it at any moment. Luckily, my new Brasher walking boots have arrived, so I’m prepared!

It’s now mid afternoon and the snow’s turned out to be drizzle, which is a bit of a disappointment but probably for the best!


Despite the filthy weather and treacherous conditions we’ve ventured out as we needed to stock up on spices ready for Xmas. I love browsing the local Asian supermarkets, marvelling at the variety of exotic veg on offer, or exploring the vast spice aisles. Here’s our haul.

Now we’ve dumped the car, taken our lives in our hands and strolled up the cobbled hill to our local, the Big 6. On the way we passed a car that’s skidded on the ice and rear-ended another! Now, what to choose…