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I’m having a quiet weekend at home as our busy social schedule’s been brought to an abrupt halt by friends having to cancel at the last moment. I’m going to make the most of the time by having a day with Dawn and a walk in the valley before knuckling down to sorting out a load of pictures and paperwork tomorrow, so expect to see many more shots appearing on my Zenfolio picture website. Here’s a sample of what to expect. When we were in Stamford last weekend we visited Melbourn Bros’ All Saints Brewery which was established in 1825 and owned by Sam Smith’s who’ve brought it back into use to brew their range of organic fruit beers.

When they’re not brewing you can have a tour of the premises conducted by the pub’s Landlord, which is fascinating. Here’s a few shots.


The backplate of the original steam boiler that powered the brewery has been preserved. A modern steam boiler has replaced it.


The original belts and pulleys are still used.


The steam heated copper.


The original fermenting tanks are still in situ but unused.


The beer’s cooled in the top of the brewery tower.

Oh, and the fruit beers are delicious. Try the apricot if you get the chance,


Well, our walk turned into more of an amble. By the time we got out the skies resembled something out of a sci-fi film. We were expecting thunder, lightning and spaceships! Discretion being the better part of valour, we drove up to the Moorcock Inn and walked on Norland moor, fully expecting a downpour any minute. You can see why in these pics.

Battling the wind atop Norland moor.


Safe haven over the edge of the moor, the building down to the bottom left is the wonderful Moorcok Inn…

Camera phone pictures don’t really do the skies justice, but I was leaving my Nikon at home in these conditions.

After a rather blustery stroll we ended up in the Moorcock Inn for a warm in front of their wood fire stove and a couple of drinks. Here’s the beer selection.

Whilst we were there we couldn’t resist trying a dish off the bar menu that we’ve been desperate to try for a while. The breaded giant Puffball mushroom with egg and a yeast sauce. It was gorgeous!

Before we left we bought some of their sourdough focacia bread and cultured butter. It came packaged like this.

It immediately transported me back to my 1960s childhood and memories of going to the local butchers, when everything was wrapped like this (with the price written on it in pencil)…