I’ve time for a quick blog this morning. Not because I’ve loads of spare time, but because the breakfast service in the place I’m staying is so slow!

I’ve stayed at “Great Expectations” here in Reading several times and found it OK. It’s a Dickens themed pub downstairs and hotel upstairs in a lovely old building on the edge of the town centre.

The rooms are comfortable and well maintained, which is why I keep coming back.

Sadly, The breakfast service this morning is decidedly Dickensian! There’s one young English lad who seems to be trying to do everything. I was waiting 10 minutes for anyone to take my order so wandered up to the kitchen where I saw said lad cooking breakfast. He later appeared and served three breakfasts before he could take any orders. Now, 15 mins later I’m still waiting for my food but two more members of staff have put in an appearence. One of them’s even managed to clear a couple of tables!

So much for my planned early get-away…

As part of my round Britain trip I’m staying in a series of hotels in Cardiff, Carlisle and Perth in the next few days. I hope the service is better there!

Oh, someone’s appeared with food – and served breakfast to two people who ordered after me! I had to ‘have words’ with a (new) indifferent young man before this arrived 20 mins after I’d ordered it…

To be fair, it wasn’t a bad breakfast and it was certainly freshly cooked. A full English is something of a treat for me as I only ever eat them when I’m away (and not all the time even then).

As more staff emerged I got the distinct impression this group of young men take partying more seriously than their jobs!

I’d probably stay here again unless I get a better offer. I’ll just make sure I’m in no rush for breakfast…