There’s a very slow rolling blog today. Not because I’m sat at home (far from it) but by the time I realised that I’d left my mobile phone on charge at home it was far too late to go back and get it! So, I’m enjoying a phone free existence today, which is quite liberating. It meant that when I caught the train from Sowerby Bridge to Preston I had time for window-gazing – rather than dealing with emails or keeping abreast of the news (or Twitter)! The line via the Calder valley and Copy Pit to Blackburn really is rather beautiful, but I do it so often I tend to take it for granted.
Not today.
Today I remembered to look and appreciate just how much the landscape’s changed in the past 100 years. The name Copy Pit will be meaningless to most people. To railway people it’s synonymous with coal trains and banking engines (engines that would literally help push a heavy train from behind to assist it up a gradient). Of course, now all this has gone. The sights and sounds have disappeared, and the line is quite rural. There’s barely a freight train a day rather than the succession of coal trains there used to be. Coal is no longer king.
What hasn’t changed is the destination of many of the passengers: Blackpool.