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One of the delights of having the ‘Big 6’ as my local pub is the chance to enjoy their regular whisky tasting trips. Tonight’s the second one of the season. The tastings are held in a hotel just outside Skipton. They’re actually arranged by the Wright Wine Co based in the same town. These evenings are very popular with well over 100 people attending each tasting. Each one is hosted by a different guest from either a distillery or a company like Berry Bros & Rudd or Diaggio who talk about the different whiskies they’ve brought along for us to sample. They can be highly entertaining and excellent raconteurs as some of the guests have a wealth of anecdotes and exerience. These evenings aren’t just dry talks about the mechanics of distilling – although there is a real depth of technical knowledge on offer for those who’re interested – especially when it’s a distiller hosting the night

Then there’s the whisky. I’ve tried (and bought) Indian and Dutch as well as a variety of Scots produce. The variety has been stunning – as has been the price! We’re given the opportunity to sample whiskies that would normally sell for £150-200 a bottle.

Tonight’s event will feature Glenglassaugh. I’ll blog more about it later. Right now 11 of us are on the charabanc from the Big 6 to Skipton.


We’ve arrived and are settling in. Here’s the first look at what’s on tonight…

Here’s what we’re sampling and the price list (per bottle).

A few whiskies in and the discussions about the flavours and merits commence..


Oh, did I mention that food’s included as part of the event? Lasagne and garlic bread’s very useful for soaking up the whiskies..