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After basking in India this time last week I’ve gone from one extreme to the other – and back again! Before I left the weather was so cold that I was cycle training in sub-zero temperatures and freezing my bits off. In the space of a few days I went from this: Snow on the ground, minus 7, bitter wind-chill and frozen reservoirs…


to this; 30-40 degree heat and fierce sunshine!


When I arrived back in the UK on Monday I was hoping that the thaw had set in and spring was on its way. Back in Yorkshire the snowdrops were out in force and 1000s of crocuses brightened up the grassy verges around Savile Park, creating a carpet of colour.

DG173160. Crocus carpet. Savile Park. Halifax. 9.3.14.

This weekend, we’ve slipped straight back into winter. When I threw back the bedroom curtains this morning, this was the scene that greeted me.


Although we had snow on the ground yesterday, several inches has arrived overnight -and it’s showing no signs of stopping. Flurries are still drifting in from the West and the thermometer has plunged to minus 3 degrees. It’s bleedin’ freezing! The only consolation seems to be that yesterdays wind, which was whipping the snow off the rooftops in blizzards of tiny flakes has abated. Instead itinerant snowflakes are left drifting past my window like lost souls.

Right now it’s time for coffee, more coffee and a hearty breakfast. Later we’ll venture out and I’ll take the camera with me to get some shots and make the most of the weather. If you’ve got similar weather where you are, stay safe and warm. Me? I just wish I could wind the clock back a few days to this…

me at Taj

See you later folks!