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After a really enjoyable few days working in London I’m back in West Yorkshire and looking forward to resuming with my cycle training as well as catching up with a whole range of work related projects. I can’t believe we’re already in February as January seemed to pass in a flash. I’ve heard it said that this is part of getting older, as a child the six weeks school summer holidays seemed to last forever. Now, six weeks feels like the blink of an eye!

I’m determined to keep up the momentum on blogging as well as my other projects, so expect a variety of topics to crop up – including regular training updates and appeals for sponsorship (like this one!). In all seriousness, please donate, the money really will help those less fortunate than ourselves…

One thing I won’t be blogging about as much is the anti Hs2 campaign. Mainly because it’s pretty much ceased to exist. There’s no organisation anymore and the disparate groups left have no political clout – as the vote in Parliament on Tuesday demonstrated in spades. Instead I’m looking forward to blogging about the construction of Hs2.

Right now I’ve got a huge amount of pictures to edit, so it’s time to swap pen for Photoshop. Se you later…