Apologies for the lack of blogs recently but I’ve been to busy writing for a living rather than pleasure! Earlier today I finished writing the final article in my trilogy for RAIL magazine. It was good timing as part 2 of the series hit newsagents shelves today.

Every two years RAIL commission me to travel around the UKs railways for a week. I get to see the good the bad and the ugly – then write all about it. As this is the seventh year I’ve been doing the trips (I started in 2004) we made it a little different. Instead of out and back, circular trips I started in Penzance and finished in Wick. It was great as it gave me the opportunity to include lines I’d not travelled on before. Here’s a preview of today’s piece, published in RAIL No 812:



RAIL 812 is on sale from today until the next edition (and final part of my article) appears on Wednesday 9th December

Now this has been done and the nights are drawing in I should be working from home more, I’m hoping that will leave me a bit more time for blogging. That said, I’ve still got tens of thousands of slides to scan!