Yesterday Hs2 Ltd officially opened a new information centre in Camden. It’s there to help inform Camden residents about the project and to give them a permanent, direct point of contact with Hs2 Ltd staff. You’d think that such a centre would be welcomed, but the anti Hs2 mob had other ideas. Despite complaining about a ‘lack of dialogue’ their behaviour makes it pretty clear it’s the dialogue of the deaf.

Around 30 people turned up to picket the centre & prevent Hs2 staff getting in. As usual, they claimed vastly more people were there than actually turned up.

mre than 100

too many..

Ironically, their deceitful claims were exposed by the Camden New Journal’s Tom Foot, who normally uncritically swallows whatever they tell him!

Tom Foot

Instead of a peaceful protest the atmosphere turned into one of intimidation, which forced security guards & the police to lock the gates. Don’t believe me? Check out their own video!

Also, note the comments under it.

drummond st

A “proper” demonstration? I’ve little doubt the decent folk who live & work in Drummond St would be horrified at this turn of events & seeing their reputations besmirched by this group.

Clearly, these demonstrations have nothing to do with dialogue, but they do show what some elements of the anti Hs2 campaign will stoop to.