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This week sees the final sessions of the Hs2 Hybrid Bill petitioning in the House of Commons. Despite all the anti Hs2 mobs bluff and bluster they failed to stop the project by bogging it down with petitions. In fact, the Hs2 Committee have sat for less time than the Crossrail Committee!

The Crossrail petitioning process lasted from 13th December 2005 until the 18th October 2007 – over 22 months. In contrast, the Hs2 committee will have sat from the 10th June 2014 until the 3rd February 2016 – less than 19 months.

It’s another abject failure by hs2 antis who are now trying to furiously back-pedal on their claims they ever thought they could Stophs2 with petitions. Here’s a classic example..

Sarbutts petition crap

If anyone else can supply other examples of their ridiculous claims I’ll be happy to add them.

Here’s who is appearing when in the final week.