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Well, of 2015 anyway – although I doubt I’ll be crunching the anti Hs2 campaign’s numbers for too much of 2016 as they’re so awful!

So, without further ado, here’s the ‘scores on the doors’ – 11 months data on the antis social media campaign.

anti Hs2 stats Dec 2015

The statistics carry the standard caveat: Not everyone following is a supporter, many are there just to keep an eye on them. Also, the increases have to be seen in the context of coming from a very low base to start with. To put StopHs2’s 4547 Twitter followers in context – In December 2014 there were 45,325,078 registered voters in the UK! The anti Hs2 groups penetration is tiny & their following minute.

Another interesting fact is that, despite StopHs2 trying to bolster their numbers in recent months (this blog has obviously stung them) – their numbers are starting to fall back again & the others are doing just as bad.

Their social media campaign’s doing little other than exposing their weaknesses now more & more people are giving up on it. What it’s highlighting is their campaign is increasingly relying on their fruitcake elements to keep it alive. Here’s some examples from first Twitter, then Facebook:


jones 1

out of tweet


Does any of this sound like people who’re going to achieve the one thing they need – political backing? Of course not, which is why their campaign’s dying.

Two of their organisations (AGAHST and 51M) are already history and the  remaining two,  StopHs2 and Hs2aa are looking increasing desperate and rocky. Hs2aa have had a lousy few months. They’re running out of money to fund themselves so, as a consequence they’re reining in their minimal activities even more. Their Twitter campaign is nothing better than a desultory retweeting service that hasn’t seen any activity since December 7th. Neither has their website – other then regularly being taken down by hackers. To make matters worse, positive news on their last legal action that was due to be heard this week seems to be rather thin on the ground…

In truth Hs2aa only seem to have one aim now – and that’s to fight a rearguard action at the petitioning committee to try & secure a full length tunnel under their heartland – the Chilterns. It’s a forlorn hope.

Meanwhile, StopHs2 are doing – nothing! Joe Rukin has had a couple of turns booked at the petitioning Committee in January and that’s it. Talking of the petitioning Committee – they’ve really gone into overdrive with the intent of having everything wound up early in the new year. Just have a look at their programme for January.

There’s a few things of interest here. One is the number of locus standi challenges, the other is the number of petitioners who fail to turn up to the have their petitions heard. Clearly, many of the frivolous ones have  realised the game is up. This is good for two reasons. It’s speeding up the process and it’s freeing time for those who have a genuine grievance.

All of this means the anti Hs2 campaign’s living on borrowed time. There’s no earthly way they can achieve their aim without political support, which they’ve failed to gain. Meanwhile, the Hs2 project continues to gather momentum and support.

The only question now is which will be the next group to collapse. Hs2aa or Stophs2?