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As the anti Hs2 campaign gets more desperate they’re reduced to recycling old stories, the latest one being that some Hs2 staff are paid more than the Prime Minister (who is paid £150,000).

Their problem is this tactic only goes to prove the old adage that “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”

Here’s some great examples.

Camden curmudgen & serial ranter Peter Jones spits his usual venom at Hs2 and avoids the fact Camden Council pays the Chief Executive, Deputy Chief executive and Finance Director more (see here).

Meanwhile, Stop Hs2 windbag Joe Rukin jumped in with both feet, ignoring the fact his local county council (Warks) pays its Chief Executive over £172k

Even more unfortunately, the National Trusts Hs2 Officer Steve Field climbed on the bandwagon. He seemed unaware the NT (a charity) has been criticised for paying several of its senior staff large salaries whilst leaving the rank & file employers on low pay. Ironically, the same paper Field quotes (The Telegraph) ran an article in 2013 that heavily criticised the NTs top heavy salaries, such as the Trusts former Director General who was on £179k..

I’m sure there’s going to be plenty more examples….

The truth is, the PM’s salary is a lousy yardstick for anything.