Now the party conference season is over I thought it would be a good time to take a look at the anti Hs2 campaign to see if they’ve made any headway after touting themselves around the various conference venues. StopHs2 made some daft claims about how ‘busy’ their stalls got which was contradicted by people tweeting pictures like this.

stophs2 stand

So, let’s see if any of their claims are backed up by any statistics. Of course, the answer is – no. Their social media campaign’s still a disaster. Take a look.

stop hs2 scores 17 oct 15We now have eight months worth of figures to analyse which show that – not only is their campaign failing to reach people, in some cases it’s still going backwards. The usual caveat applies – not all followers are supporters, many are there just to keep an eye on them. Here’s a breakdown that shows how many more people each of them have reached in 8 months.

scores 2There’s a wonderful irony in the fact that the most successful, Deanne Dukhan has pretty much abandoned tweeting about Hs2 & moved on to other things. This isn’t much of a surprise. Deanne was Campaign Director of the woefully inept AGAHST (Action Groups Against HS2) which ceased to exist. You can find their abandoned website here. I’m still keeping her in to provide a useful contrast.

To say these numbers are woeful is an understatement. Look at Stophs2. After eight months they’ve only reached another 337 people on Twitter and 281 on Facebook. The numbers show there’s been absolutely no improvement after the party conferences – which have proved to be a waste of both their time & dwindling resources.

The Facebook stats are of particular interest as it’s Facebook that has by far the biggest audience with 30.3 million users in the UK compared to Twitters 13.8 million.

Away from social media the news is even worse. Bucks County Council leader Martin Tett has effectively admitted the 51M campaign is dead and buried. With the earlier demise of AGAHST this leaves just StopHs2 and Hs2aa and neither of them are getting anywhere. One can only speculate how long their campaign can survive like this.