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Anti Hs2 campaigners are remaining very tight-lipped about their latest setback. Well over 200 individual petitions have been listed by the Hybrid Bill committee as ‘not appearing and to be recorded as associated with others’. This means their template petitions have been lumped together with others, thus cutting down on the amount of time the Committee have to spend hearing them. You can find the full list here.

Another significant development is this;


As the Committee have already rejected the idea of a long tunnel all the way under the Chilterns, petitions which call for it are regarded as redundant. The exact numbers of petitions this affects aren’t recorded, but it will be significant.

In light of this, the Committee have also published a revised timetable for hearings. Now, instead of hearing well over 1000 in September & October, the number has dropped to less than half!

No wonder we’re hearing less & less from the anti Hs2 campaign. Talking of ‘hearing less’ – one other thing the Committee must be pleased about is that these revisions have spared them the ‘delights’ of having to listen to StopHs2’s Joe Rukin droning on. None of the petitions he was meant to be presenting have survived. Still, it’ll give Joe time to start looking for a proper job as he’ll soon be out of this one!