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One of the central planks of the anti Hs2 campaign was the idea that Hs2 could be stopped by bogging it down during the petitioning process. The ‘logic’ ran that if the timetable was dragged out the project would be cancelled by a new Government, such as UKIP (yeah, right..!) or the costs would force a rethink. The Hs2 antis duly stuck in a few thousand carbon-copy petitions & smugly thought ‘job done’.

It was never going to work.

The Hs2 Petitioning Committee have always made it clear that they weren’t going to let the will of Parliament & democratically elected MP’s be subverted in this way. The Committee’s worked with Hs2 Ltd to ensure these template petitions can be dealt with swiftly – and how!

Now the Committee has published its autumn hearing timetables. This lists 720 petitions to be heard in September & another 300 in October

This leaves the anti Hs2 campaign in tatters. They’ve run out of ideas & have no new tactics to offer. Their campaign groups are dying & no doubt the end of the petitioning process will kill a few more off. The writing’s on the wall…