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The anti Hs2 campaign has always tried to pretend more folks support it than really do. More often than not the media swallow their nonsense & talk about the ‘strong’ opposition to Hs2.

The daft thing is, it only takes a few minutes research for these ridiculous claims to be exposed – mostly by the anti Hs2 campaigners themselves! Here’s a great example. Step forward the ‘Mid Cheshire Against Hs2’ group. Regular readers will know about this bunch already, but for those not familiar with them, allow me to elucidate.

The Mid Cheshire group are one of only a handful of anti groups on the whole of the phase 2 route (both East to Leeds & West to Manchester). Famously, a few of them turned up at Sir David Higgins ‘Hs2 plus’ launch in Manchester where they pretended to be from the city. That’s because, embarrassingly for the anti Hs2 campaign – there’s not a single anti group in the whole of the city or larger Greater Manchester area of some 2.7 million souls! Here they are in all their ‘glory’..

DG173944. Anti Hs2 protest. Manchester. 17.3.14

Whilst they were there one of them was interviewed by the Manchester Evening News & made the laughable claim that the anti Hs2 campaign was bigger than the opposition to Margaret Thatcher’s poll tax. I kid you not! Here’s the MEN article.

Bigger than the poll tax eh? So, their annual meeting must have been packed to the rafters then…

Not according to the (barely legible) minutes of their AGM, which they’ve just published

Their minutes reveal that a grand total of 23 people attended. To put this in perspective, between 300-400,000 folks live in what’s loosely described as Mid-Cheshire. Bigger than the poll tax my arse…

Next time you hear certain sections of the media churn out the same lazy nonsense about ‘strong opposition’ to Hs2, feel free to point them in the direction of this blog.


Not long after I published this blog and exposed the derisory turn out at the AGM, the minutes mysteriously disappeared from their website. Funny, that. None have ever appeared since. I wonder why?