This time I’m off to Nottingham where the 10th annual UK Light Rail conference is to be held. It promises to be an interesting couple of days. There’s a wide range of speakers and a lot of exhibitors, so expect a bit of blogging and tweeting…

Needless to say I’m heading there by train, so you can expect a fair few pictures from the journey to appear on my Zenfolio website. I’m keen to have a look the Nottingham tramway extensions so I expect to be able to include shots showing what NET has been up to.

Update. 12:24

Oh, the joys of freelance life. So far, my quiet time to get some new shots has gone out of the windows due to repeated phone requests for archive pictures and a short notice commission that means this is going to be a very hectic week. Still, who’s complaining? It’s all money in the bank & the commission sounds rather interesting…

Update. 19:47

And relax! I’m checked into my hotel & now I’m taking a little time off to enjoy a pint in Nottingham town centre before sorting out some of today’s pictures. From watching the trams go by it’s obvious somethings going on as I’ve already spotted one or two familiar faces from the world of transport enjoying a ride on the new Alstom Citadis trams.

DG216030. Tram 217. South Parade. Nottingham. 16.6.15

Catch you later.