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If evidence were needed that the anti Hs2 campaign has completely lost the plot then look no further than this piece of self serving nonsense from Joe Rukin published in today’s Bucks Herald.


Headlined ‘reasons to be cheerful’ it’s straight from the Comical Ali school of reality denial & wishful thinking. It’s no co-incidence this daft piece of propaganda appears in local rag the Bucks Herald. The Herald is a semi-official mouthpiece of the anti Hs2 campaign that’s happy to churn out any old rubbish the antis feed it (hardly surprising then, that its circulation is diving).

What’s particularly sad about Rukin’s desperate attempt to save his own neck & non-job is that some poor folks affected by Hs2 may well be given false hope by this breathtaking piece of reality denial masquerading as informed comment. Although, what’s interesting is -if you read behind the lines, Rukin is tacitly admitting that there’s nothing they can do to Stop Hs2, they’re simply praying someone else will. Mind you, before the election they though UKIP would be the cavalry riding to their rescue – and look where that got them…

Meanwhile, what are the likes of Stophs2 actually doing? Nothing. They’ve no events planned at all. No rallies or demo’s, no gatherings – nothing. They’re reduced to an internet presence that few see or care about – or the occasional uncritical article in friendly local rags like the Bucks Herald.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, the Transport Minister, Patrick McLoughlin is in Leeds today,along with Hs2 Chairman Sir David Higgins. McLoughlin will be talking not just about accelerated progress on Hs2 but also Hs3. I’ll add more on this later but you can be sure of one thing. They won’t be giving Rukin any reasons to be cheerful…

You can find McLoughlin’s bullish speech here:


As predicted, there’s not a single crumb of comfort for Rukin & the rest of the anti Hs2 mob. For example:

“Thankfully, the northern electorate didn’t listen to those who tried to play politics with HS2 during the election campaign.

Neither did the people of the west and east Midlands.

So the argument’s been won.

HS2 will be built.”

Or this:

“Start preparing now.

Because HS2 is coming.

It’s coming to Leeds.

To Manchester.

To south Yorkshire.

And the east Midlands.

The time to debate the various merits of high speed rail is over.

Now it’s time to get our cities ready.

Ready for construction.

Ready for investment and regeneration.”

Now, Joe, what was that about reasons to be cheerful?