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– comes to you from one of the tiny number of anti Hs2 groups on the phase 2 route, or in the North. Although, they do seem rather confused over where the North actually is.

This was shared on Twitter today;

'Spend in the North'? Nimbys complaining about Hs2 being built near their village in Yorkshire seem rather confused...

‘Spend in the North’? Nimbys complaining about Hs2 being built near their village in Yorkshire seem rather confused! Perhaps that should read “spend in the North – just don’t build anything near us”…

For those who don’t know, Church Fenton is 16 miles east of Leeds in err, North Yorkshire! The irony of a bunch of North Yorkshire Nimbys trying to stop investment in the North whilst calling for it at the same time is rather priceless but typical of a campaign that’s hopelessly contradictory & confused.

Someone clearly has more money than sense. The population of Church Fenton is less than a thousand. Anti Hs2 campaigners living there number no more than a few dozen. Meanwhile, the local Tory MP has a majority of 22,200. As the old saying goes, do the maths’….

Rather than wasting their money on the poster perhaps Church Fenton antis should have bought themselves a map?

2023 update.

Like most groups the Church Fenton (in)action group faded away into obscurity. The last time they were heard from on Twitter was 2017. Sadly, this vital section of #hs2

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