I’m back in London in preparation for tomorrow’s launch of the new Virgin East coast franchise. It promises to be an interesting day for a number of reasons.  The history of the East Coast franchise has been a turbulent one. It’s changed hands more than most & not always under the best of circumstances.That said, VEC have plans to extend & grow their operations. In fact, they promise far more than the oft praised GNER ever did. OK, some (like the new IEP trains) is down to the DfT, but route expansion isn’t. There’s a wider political aspect to the launch as well. The rail unions like to present this as a ‘reprivatisation’ (which is nonsense) but they & the Shadow Transport Minister are trying to make political capital in the run up to the election.

I may try & find time to blog about it but at the moment I’ve something else in my sights. Right now I’m wading through the Green Party’s transport policy. It doesn’t make great reading for anyone who knows anything about transport & their stance on rail (especially Hs2) is a mix of hand-wringing, confusion & downright porkies. Expect my next blog to dissect this.