I had to visit my Dentist in Huddersfieldthis morning for a routine check-up and time with the hygenist for a clean and polish. The weather was awful this morning as the valley was blanketed in mist and rain so Dawn very kindly gave me a lift there. I’m one of those rare people who really isn’t bothered by dentists but even so, it was good to hear my teeth and gums are in excellent shape!

I didn’t bother taking the camera bag as I doubted I’d need it. Instead I only brought the D5 and 50mm lens, so I was kicking myself when I left the dentists to find the sun had broken through, leaving the day looking very different indeed. After walking into the town centre I decided to take the scenic way home via Manchester and caught a TPE service to Stalybridge where I could catch a local train to Manchester Victoria. Sadly, the good weather didn’t last. My arrival into ‘Stalyvegas’ coincided with another wet weather front so I didn’t hang around.

My Staly’ steed was one of Northern’s ‘new’ Class 156s cascaded from East Midlands Railway. Repainted on the outside, it still carries EMT seat mocquette.

Traversing the line via Ashton-under-Lyne I noticed something I hadn’t seen before. Progress with electrifying the line has reached the stage where contact wire runs have started appearing.


My time in Manchester was brief, just long enough to grab a couple of shots whilst changing trains.

TPE’s 802206 about to head in the direction I’ve just come from…

Now I’m heading back across the Pennines to home – hoping to avoid a soaking in the process! This time my steed’s a busy 2-car class 195 bound for Leeds via Bradford Interchange. I was rather surprised to see it so busy on a Wednesday afternoon, but then you never know on this line. The train remained busy all the way to Halifax, where I abandoned it to walk home, braving the chance of a downpour.

Ready for the off. 195018 working solo as the 13:55 from Manchester Victoria – Leeds via Bradford Interchange.


Now I’m back at home for the rest of the day, enjoying the warmth of the office and chance to catch up with some forward planning before another hectic few days, starting on Friday when I travel down to Reading, where I’ll be based for a couple of days. On Saturday I’m volunteering to help the ‘Railway Children’ charity as the Branch Line Society are running a series of Class 315 ‘farewell’ trips between London Liverpool St and Shenfield. Unfortunately, Saturday’s also another day where strikes affect many of the train companies. Thankfully, they don’t affect the Elizabeth line from Reading to Liverpool St. Hence me basing myself there!

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