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With the anti HS2 campaign on its last legs and with only one ‘protection’ camp left (that’s due to be evicted any day now), the kids at HS2Rebellion are having a tough time of trying to stay relevant. It’s clear to all but their most die-hard supporters they’re a busted flush, which is why I rarely blog about them nowadays. The simple fact is – there’s not a lot going on and nothing worth mentioning. However, they’ve now come up with something so stunningly stupid and hypocritical that I couldn’t resist pointing it out.

Meet ‘Satchel’. Not his real name of course – that’s William Harewood. He’s been failing to stop HS2 for several years now. He’s one of the few long-term activists who hasn’t disappeared and keeps popping back up. He was involved in the useless Wendover camp tunnel and several other stunts over the years. He was on Crown Court bail for his involvement in the Jones’ Hill wood eviction back in October 2020 but decided to ignore that fact and popped up at the Bluebell wood camp in Staffordshire where he was one of a handful of people involved in a pointless trespass stunt on a nearby HS2 site and was identified.

Bad move.

Such a blatant breach of his bail conditions meant that a warrant was issued for his arrest – and arrested he was. The Judge hearing his case agreed to his being remanded – logical as he’d shown contempt of court by ignoring his bail conditions. He’s now in HMP Dovegate in Staffordshire awaiting his hearing.

The expression ‘bang to rights’ springs to mind here, but HS2Rebellion have decided that – despite the fact they’re always whining about anything and everything to do with HS2 being ‘illegal’ the law doesn’t actually apply to them, or ‘Satchel’. What’s more, they’ve now decided that – because ‘Satchel’ is a person of colour, they’re going to play the race card. Yep, ignore the fact he flagrantly ignored his bail conditions. The police nicked him ‘cos of his skin colour – honest! It was absolutely nothing to do with anything else – oh no!

That all Hs2rebellion are doing is playing into the hands of racists hasn’t even entered their heads. They’re so self-righteous (and desperate) they’ll try anything, no matter how dumb. They’re so far through the looking glass they’ll ignore the obvious contradictions here (you’re seriously suggesting it’s racist to uphold the law and that the law doesn’t apply to POC?) yet their dwindling pool of supporters fall for it. They staged a yet another pointless stunt outside the prison today.

Whilst they’re wasting their time outside a prison, who’s meant to be stopping HS2?

Ironic that – whilst HS2rebellion try and play the race card they ignore the far more numerous claims of sexual harassment and abuse from their own supporters – women who’ve been involved in the protests and lived at the camps. But then that doesn’t fit with their narrative. Either way. ‘Satchel’ is about to find out that the Judge is more interested in his contempt for the law than his skin colour – and HS2 ‘rebellion’ will continue to fall apart. Once the ‘Bluebell’ camp is evicted, that’s it. Let’s face it, the idea that you’re going to stop the largest construction project in Europe when you can’t even close off access to a single site compound is definitely ‘Looney Tunes’ territory!

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