My earlier blog about the Green Party and their lack of honesty about HS2 provoked an amusing backlash from one Green Party member and former Parliamentary candidate that rapidly escalated from a simple car-crash to a multiple vehicle pile-up of epic proportions.

Step forward one Brent Poland, the serially failed Green Party Candidate for Erewash, which lies on the route of HS2 Phase 2B. Poland believes that the Green Party is beyond reproach and that anyone highlighting the party’s dishonesty is part of a conspiracy. The fact that if they didn’t make public pronouncements on social media that are complete bollocks they wouldn’t get called out on them is beyond him.

Then Poland chose a rather odd line of attack.

“selling dresses online”? Who? Me? Having strapped himself in the driving seat Poland jammed his foot down hard on the accelerator. Later, he apparently saw an advert on my website that advertised new HGV’s. Thinking he’d found a smoking gun he began a barrage of tweets like this.

Really? Here’s another in a long (long) line…

Stop sniggering in the back! Yes, I know most of you understand how ads on social media are targeted at people, many people on Twitter do too. Along with several others on Twitter a (former) Green Party member pointed out to Poland what he didn’t understand and resolutely refused to grasp…Here’s a simple explanation of how internet advertising works.

Did this stop Poland? Nope. Like the Duracell bunny he keeps on going. He must have borrowed some superglue of Extinction Rebellion activists as his foot’s stuck on the accelerator and there’s no going back. We’ve now gone from a motorway pile-up to the final scenes of the film ‘Thelma and Louise’ as Poland is about to drive off that cliff….

“Can do it all day”? Dear oh, dear…Well, he got one bit right. It’s certainly embarrassing – just not in the way he thinks! He was still at it several hours later…

This is a man who puts himself forward for election to Parliament as a Green Party candidate. Sensibly, the voters of Erewash have gracefully declined that offer. After all, we have enough duds masquerading as MPs as it is, without anymore. You would have thought that, not having had the reaction he wanted and having had several people explain to him where he’d gone wrong – and with me laughing, Poland might just have stopped to think “what am I missing, why are they laughing?” – but no, so I have no hesitation in awarding Poland the award of this week’s ‘crazy anti HS2 campaigner’! There is an irony in this as Poland displays the same blindness and unwillingness to listen to facts that I highlighted in the blog he took exception to.

There is one last, final irony…

He’s a Schoolteacher.

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It’s now 22:36 and I’m about ready for bed. Having checked social media I find that Poland is still at it – much to the amusement of the Twitterati… Here’s the latest example.