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The end of the first full month of lockdown dawned today in it’s usual fashion – with wall to wall sunshine! I’m loving this weather and the vitamin D boost it’s providing – even if I am chafing at the inability to travel.

The pair of us began the day early as we were up before 06:00. Dawn began her workout and I knuckled down to a couple of hours work on my laptop. Then the stormclouds arrived. Within a very short time the damned machine crashed twice and froze once – despite only having a new motherboard fitted by the Dell engineer yesterday. Just as soon as I was able I was on the phone to the Dell helpdesk who lived up to their name. It took over an hour to go through various fixes over the phone between me and the patient but knowledgeable Aussie chap on their helpdesk, but we managed to resolve the problem which it transpired related to the graphics driver. I’d been worried that I’d need another visit from an engineer but once some programmes had been tweaked the machine’s been running sweetly ever since *fingers crossed*.

Computer problems aside the day positively flew by as I was engrossed in sorting out pictures, responding to emails and continuing to declutter the office. I’m looking forward to having some more time to restart scanning old slides as that’ll make a great difference to the amount of space I have available as well as allow visitors to my website the chance to pass some of their lockdown hours wallowing in nostalgia. Or (hopefully) even buying some prints from the collection.

With the temperatures outside climbing I did take an hour off to sit in the garden and catch up with some reading whilst basking. I’d love to take the laptop outside and work from the garden but sunshine and laptop screens don’t really mix – although composing blogs on my smartphone does – even if I do need a good sub-Editor to pick up on all the typos (Thanks Dawn! x). The smallness of the screens and the automated ‘spull chuckers’ can make the process long and fraught!  But, I do get to sit in the sunshine, generate some vitamin D and work on my tan…