It’s absolutely ages since I’ve highlighted one of these, but today I’ve seen such a fantastic bit of idiocy and lack of self-awareness that I had to ressurect it.

This weeks award goes to serially failed Green Party candidate Mark Keir, one of a bare handful of ‘eco-warriors’ trying (and utterly failing) to stop HS2.

For the past couple of days Keir has been whining about the beefed up security on one of the sites where his ineffectual band have turned up. Clearly, the security team have developed a strategy to deal with Keir’s band and are using football tactics of ‘man-marking’ to frustrate the protesters, rendeing them incapable of causing any problems whilst still allowing them the freedom of movement they’re entitled to have on public rights of way.

You can find his latest Facebook video here.

As you can see, the security team’s tactics are working, much to Keir’s obvious frustration as he gets very verbal in his videos. Today, he’s surpassed himself by shouting at the workers and security team that they’re breaking the law by ignoring Government advice about Covid-19 and gatherings! It’s complete bollocks, but that’s Keir for you. What he knows about the law could fit on the back of a stamp, the rest he just makes up!

And the ultimate stupidity here? On the video he asks “why are there so many people here?” It never crosses Keir’s tiny mind that – if it wasn’t for him and his tiny band, most of these people wouldn’t be! The only reason security teams are needed in the first place is because of idiotic and ineffectual protests like his!

Honestly, is it any wonder that the anti HS2 movement has been such an utter failure? To use an old expression, “If his brains were dynamite he wouldn’t have enough to blow his hat off”. The protesters might not be able to stop Hs2, but they are providing some more moments of pure comedy gold!