Today’s been one where I’ve been going nowhere fast. It’s not involved a single train – unless you count editing pictures of them. Instead I’ve been able to enjoy being at home, listening to the wind howling outside which has blown many of my pot plants over whilst I’ve sat inside and edited pictures, sorted out paperwork and caught up on all those bits and bobs you can’t always do when you’re never in one place for more than a couple of hours. The pictures I’ve taken over the past few days mean that my Zenfolio website’s now passed the 60,000 pictures mark. You can view them here. You can also buy prints, which start at a very reasonable £1.28. Here’s a couple of examples.

One of the new TPE ‘Nova 3’ sets hauled by a Class 68 calls at Leeds on its way to Scarborough.
Some of the wonderful old tiles in the ‘Draughtsman’ pub on Doncaster station. It’s small, but beautifully formed – and it has a great selection of beers.

Our cat (Jet) has taken my continual presence as confirmation that he’s got food and attention on tap. You think kids have ‘pester power’? That’s nothing compared to a black cat. As soon as he knew I wasn’t sloping off out of the front door he thought ‘gotcha’ and treated me as his personal Butler, but I don’t mind as it’s lovely to still have the old boy (he’s 18) around.

By the end of the day I was getting a little bog-eyed and stir crazy so I ended up in our local pub, the Big 6, to partake of the Friday quiz and catch up with friends that we haven’t seen for a while because we’ve been so busy and haven’t been around as we were in Ireland. Dawn joined me after work and we had a lovely couple of hours relaxing, joking and answering daft questions. We also had the opportunity to plan some new adventures for the ‘Big 6 on tour’. We’ve got Belgium coming up soon, but there’s more fun and games in the pipeline…

Now it’s time to kick back and enjoy the weekend. Social media can be left to itself whilst the pair of us enjoy some escapism from the real world and enjoy a film. The same shit will still be there in the morning.