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Just when it seemed the anti Hs2 campaign had hit a new low with their pear tree stunt they managed to pull yet another rabbit out of the hat – and this one is a stunner!

Here’s some background. A few years ago StopHs2 used to organise a national gathering of anti Hs2 groups at the Staffordshire showground. Here’s one of their press releases puffing the 2013 event. In those heady days they’d punt the event to all and sundry, sell tickets at £10 a pop and advertise “a huge range of speakers and stands”. The media would be invited and even a few MPs would attend. Here’s  the 2013 programme.

How things change! When the Hs2 Hybrid Bill passed 2nd reading with a stonking majority of 411 the light began to dawn. People were already dropping away and ‘action’ groups folding but the process accelerated. This led to the antis cancelling the 2014 gathering, scrapping any public demonstrations & increasingly taking refuge in social media.

And in 2015? There was complete radio silence about any planned event – until today – when this was slipped out in the Bucks Herald. Spot the difference. No media, no MPs, no tickets and no Staffs showground. It was all secret. There was no advertising of the event on any of their websites or anywhere else. Instead they had to be “hosted” by the Amersham group. How many turned up? No-one knows – because they refuse to say. There’s been no trumpeting of the “success” of the event on any of their websites – or on those of any of their dwindling number of supporters.

If any proof was needed that the anti Hs2 campaign’s dying – this is it – and they’ve supplied it themselves…