There are times when I look at the anti Hs2 campaign and the only thing I can say is ‘Bless’! Tonight is one of those times. It seems they’re cock a hoop at getting an old pear tree on the route of Hs2 elected “tree of the year” and mentioned on BBC’s Countryfile.


Contrast this with the fact the Hs2 Hybrid Bill sailed through 2nd reading in Parliament with a cross-party majority of 411 – by far the biggest majority of any Parliamentary Bill during the Coalition Government.

A vote for a pear tree will Stop Hs2?

Rather than celebrating the anti Hs2 campaign should be looking in a mirror and saying to themselves “we’re reduced to this”? There’s naivety and desperation in equal measures here. Can you honestly imagine Parliament being reconvened for an emergency debate on the news, or the Dept of Transport burning the midnight oil to come up with a response?

A BBC article reveals all. “Cubbington’s pear tree was selected after attracting more than a third of 10,000 votes for the best tree in England.”

So, just over 3000 votes then. That’s neither a ringing endorsement of the pear tree – or the Stophs2 campaign, which has gone pear-shaped!